When Death Occurs

When Death Occurs

What do I do if a death occurs in the middle of the night or on the weekend?
Buchanan Funeral Service is available at any time, day or night. You may call us anytime at (405) 722-5262 and we will be available for assistance.

What if I need someone to come right away?
If you need immediate assistance, we will be there. Just let us know what time is appropriate.

What should I do if the death is unexpected?
First, call 911. Unless the death happens while under a doctors care of hospice care, treat it as an emergency. The first responders can help you through the next steps. When you and your family are ready to call the funeral home, call us at (405) 722-5262.

If a loved ones death has been anticipated, what do I do? 
If your loved one was receiving hospice care or doctors care, please call the hospice or facility to let them know. Most hospice providers also can provide support for you. They may call us for you, or you can call Buchanan Funeral Service at any time. 

What are my options?
Burial is a traditional form of disposition. Buchanan Funeral Service provides an array of caskets and vaults to choose from. We also can help find a cemetery close to your family if necessary.
Cremation is another popular option. Cremated remains are held in a special urn and either buried, placed in a memorial niche or kept at home. They can also be scattered; depending on state laws.
Regardless of which option you choose, there are also several options for memorial services and funerals that can be customized for you and your family. A service helps you and family members start the healing process.

If my loved one dies out of state, can you help?
Yes, when death occurs away from home, Buchanan Funeral Service can assist you with out-of-state arrangements. We can also organize transfer of the deceased back. You may always call us at (405) 722-5262 with questions or for assistance.